The Throne of Zeus ( Choose Your Own Adventure: Lost Archives )

The Throne of Zeus ( Choose Your Own Adventure: Lost Archives )

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Juvenile Fiction, Paperback


CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE-the 4th-bestselling series for children ever published!

NEW "From the Lost Archives" in the middle grade Choose Your Own Adventure series for readers ages 9-12.

The Throne of Zeus by Deborah Lerme Goodman takes YOU on a mythical quest back in time to find Zeus, the ancient mythical Greek god of the sky and thunder.

Written from the second-person point of view, the reader travels back in time to find real evidence of the mythical Greek god Zeus and must choose what happens next in the story:
If you say, "I'd rather just meet Zeus and then go home," turn to page 34.
If you agree to exchange lives with Hermes, turn to page 47.

Your parents just returned home from a successful archaeologist dig-they think that they've uncovered the Throne of Zeus, but they need hard evidence to link the throne to the mythical god, Zeus. You offer to help find Zeus, and on the summer solstice, the goddess Athena whisks you back in time to Ancient Greece. In your search for Zeus, will you fly with Icarus, battle the Minotaur, or swap lives with Hermes? Or will you join forces with Hercules?

Middle grade readers will navigate the mythical Labyrinth, defy the evil Hades, fly the Chariot of the Sun, and-with any luck!-speak with the mighty Zeus himself, all while having fun reading and choosing.

YOU choose what happens next!
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