The Complete Fishing Manual

The Complete Fishing Manual

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Fishermen, from novice to pro will find this fishing manual an indispensable must-have reference guide.


The Complete Fishing Manual is your definitive guide to all things fishing, covering everything from strategies and techniques to bait, tackle, and kit. This manual will assist you every step of the way.


Within the pages of this fishing manual you will find:


- Fully illustrated pages with high-quality photography and illustrations
- Covers fishing in all types of conditions and waters, from freshwater to saltwater
- Text that assists the reader from the very beginning to the final catch, from getting your license to reeling in the catch
- Step by step diagrams on how to prepare your rod for different types of fish
- Includes how to fit and use different types of accessories to enhance your chances of catching fish
- Diagnostic spreads that go from symptom to solution - the manual will answer all of your fishing questions
- Top recommendations for where to fish around the world depending on what you want to catch