Not Your Mother's Goose

Not Your Mother's Goose

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"A laughter riot." "Incredibly witty." Relive the stories of your childhood in gut-busting fashion with princesses, genies, trolls, ... and Oprah?

Get ready to giggle, snicker, and howl, as fairy tales and nursery rhymes aren't just for kids anymore. With guffaws and chortles on every page, chuckle along as Topher Goggin recaps your favorite stories from Aladdin to Pinocchio with hilarious sarcasm and wit. Mix in hilarious cartoons like Captain Hook returning The Clapper for a refund, plus "news" of stories like Old McDonald bombing on Wheel of Fortune after only buying vowels, the only question is which story will make you grin the most.

Not Your Mother's Goose is the side-splitting fairy tale book that every grownup needs. With priceless satire, slapstick jokes, and pop culture references galore, this madcap journey through the tales of your childhood will keep you turning the page for 'just one more."

Get your copy of Not Your Mother's Goose to put a smile on your face today! (Just don't read it someplace you can't start laughing...)