Back in Control : A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain, 2nd Edition

Back in Control : A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain, 2nd Edition

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There is no need to spend billions of dollars looking for a cure for chronic pain. The solutions have been known for decades with many people breaking free from its grip.

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine has and continued to ignore the physiological and neuroscience data that has revealed the answers. Chronic pain is a complex neurological problem, which is, "….an embedded memory that becomes linked with more and more life experiences, and the memory can’t be erased."

Back in Control provides a framework for you to understand the nature of chronic pain and will allow you to find your own solution based on well-established practices. Since it is a complex problem and you are a unique human being, the one person that can solve it is you. The principles apply to chronic pain involving any part of the body or organ system. The process evolved from the author’s own 15-year experience with severe chronic pain.

The concepts provide a context of care and connect you with other highly-regarded professionals who are pioneers in the efforts to change the pain treatment paradigm. Some of them include Dr. John Sarno, author of Mind Over Back Pain; Dr. Howard Schubiner, who wrote Unlearn Your Pain; Dr. David Burns, a Stanford psychiatrist and author of Feeling Good; Dr. Fred Luskin who performed research on forgiveness at Stanford and authored Forgive for Good; David Allen who authored a brilliant book on organizing your life, Getting Things Done; and Dr. Anthony DeMello, whose last memoirs are presented in The Way to Love, which introduces you to the healing power of awareness.

The essence of solving physical or mental pain is connecting you to your own capacity to heal, which allows you to feel safe. Your body’s chemistry is optimized with profound effects on your pain and sense of well-being. These concepts have been deeply researched by Dr. Steven Porges, the originator of The Polyvagal Theory.

Step into your new life with this largely self-directed process. An action plan is presented on Dr. Hanscom's website,