Amanda’s Wedding

Amanda’s Wedding

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Fiction, Paperback

From New York Times bestselling author Jenny Colgan comes the debut novel that made her the sensation she is today--a hilarious, unforgettable story of one woman's mad dash to put a stop to the wedding of her old school friend who's the complete opposite of the sweet Scottish lord she's marrying

Amanda's friends Mel and Fran are shocked when the social-climbing queen of mean announces her engagement to a genuine Scottish nobleman. It doesn't matter that Fraser McConnald has worn the same pair of Converse sneakers for the last three years and that his castle is nothing but a pile of rubble with one gas heater--Amanda will be the wife of an actual laird! But Mel and Fran can't just sit back and let the sweet and gentle Fraser marry Amanda, especially since Mel had a huge crush on him back in college. Something must be done!

Joining forces with Fraser's adorable younger brother, Angus, they set out to sabotage this mismatch of the century. While fighting off the attentions of a love-crazed accountant, keeping Fran's wild flirtations under control, and working things out with her own aspiring rock-star boyfriend, Mel finds herself preparing for a wedding that's everything you'd wish on your worst enemy.